About Us
The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1986. The members of the Department are attracting worldwide attentions for elite works in the fields of Optimization Theory, algebra, topological graph th... 【View details】
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The Department of Physics was established in 1960 and now is home to over 60 staff members including one academician and 17 professors. 【View details】
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The Department of Chemistry was established in 2006. The young department with all staff is dedicated to chemistry teaching and research. 【View details】
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With world-class instruments and devices, researchers and students here are dedicated to developing inorganic and organic electroluminescent, Organic/Organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells, electronic p... 【View details】
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The College of Life Sciences and Bioengineering was founded in September 2008 and was developed on the basis of the Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology. 【View details】
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