In the afternoon of November 25, 2021, the School of Science held a welcome meeting for the new coming faculty and staff. 【View details】
From:admin 2021-11-29
In order to promote the construction of the graduates’ study style and give full play to the model roles, School of Science held the National Scholarship, Special Scholarship and Advanced Class Collec... 【View details】
From:admin 2021-10-18
School of Science held an online opening ceremony at 13:00 September 5th to welcome this year’s new undergraduates and graduates in the Science Hall. 【View details】
From:admin 2021-09-09
Innovation and Entrepreneurship/1/Innovation or Research: You must choose! 【View details】
From:admin 2021-12-07
School of Science Youth Federation was founded in July 2021, which is a federation of young faculty members under the age of 45 and aims to strengthen the connection between young faculty members and ... 【View details】
From:admin 2021-11-02
One-Dimensional Pd(III) Mott-Insulators: Phase Transition, Charge Fluctuation, and Devices 【View details】
From:admin 2021-10-25
Symplectic Schemes for Schrödinger and Klein-Gordon-Schrödinger Equations with Fractional Laplacian 【View details】
From:admin 2021-10-19
Relentless Attacks against Remote State Estimation in Smart Grids 【View details】
From:admin 2021-10-08