Lecture: Innovation and Entrepreneurship /1/ Innovation or Research: You Must Choose! by Prof. Eric Prouzet

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship/1/Innovation or Research: You Must Choose!


Prof. Eric Prouzet


9:00-10:30, Dec 7th, 2021


Online: Tencent Conference, ID: 871 282 524


We will see how the logic and outcomes of (academic) research differ from those of an innovation project (or any industrial R&D project). We will describe the main mistakes that people make, which lead their project to failure. We will see what main component is missing in most innovative projects. Finally, we will describe the mindset (Start with “Why”) required for success in innovation and entrepreneurship, introduced via the “Brand Mantra” tool. We will introduce the “Triangle of Innovation concept,” which will be described in more detail in the following lectures.

Brief Introduction of the Speaker:

Prof. Eric Prouzet obtained his Ph.D in Material Chemistry at the University of Nantes (France, 1988), and is also an Engineer in Ceramics (1986). He is currently Professor in Chemistry and Nanotechnology at the University of Waterloo (Canada). His research interests are on nanomaterials, and he has been also working on solutions for capturing and converting CO2. He is also as an scientific adviser for startup companies. He was also the co-founder and CSO of Prodal-G Inc. (2009 to 2012), and currently co-founder and CEO of Intelligence and Management of Information Inc.