The School of Science Holds a Welcome Meeting for the New Faculty and Staff

From:admin 2021-11-29

The School of Science Holds a Welcome Meeting for the New Faculty and Staff

In the afternoon of November 25, 2021, the School of Science held a welcome meeting for the new coming faculty and staff in the conference room 7215. School of Science Council Chairperson Wang Xuan presided over the meeting and all school leaders attended the meeting.


Dean Yu Yongguang warmly welcomed the new faculty and staff, and gave a detailed introduction of the School of Science from five aspects, including the organization, discipline distribution, scientific research, talent cultivation and research direction. Prof. Yu Yongguang said that everyone represented the future of the School of Science. He hoped that teachers will take the school as their home and embark on a new chapter.


The leaders of the school respectively introduced the teacher ethics, tutor selection and graduate courses, scientific research achievement classification, laboratory safety, equipment procurement, financial reimbursement and labor union activities, which are closely related to the new faculty and staff. They had in-depth exchanges on other issues of concern to everyone.


Finally, School of Science Council Chairperson Wang Xuan made a summary. She hopes that the new faculty and staff will adapt to new environment as soon as possible, complete the transformation of their roles, form their own style and characteristics in teaching and scientific research, put the "morality education" into practice, integrate into the collective as soon as possible, and actually become a part of School of Science.


In addition, a souvenir from the School of Science was gifted to each new faculty and staff, including a T-shirt and canvas bag with the School of Science LOGO.