School of Science Youth Federation Holds a Teaching and Training Session

From:admin 2021-11-02

School of Science Youth Federation was founded in July 2021, which is a federation of young faculty members under the age of 45 and aims to strengthen the connection between young faculty members and provide convenience for their work and daily life.


The first activity was held at 2:30 pm on October 28th at Room 206, Si Yuan Building. In recent years, the establishment of Teacher Development Center of Beijing Jiaotong University has put forward new requirements for teaching, and at the same time caused many teachers’ confusion.


In view of this situation, the Youth Federation organized a teaching training session with the theme of teaching policy and teaching design. In this activity, Zheng Kai, Feng Guochen and Fan Ling, tutors of the research class of the Teaching and Development Centre were invited.


Firstly, Professor Zheng Kai gave a speech on “OBE Education Concept, Engineering Education Certification and Training Scheme”.  He explained in detail what OBE teaching philosophy was in his report. OBE is the abbreviation of outcome-based education. Traditional teaching pays more attention to curriculum system and knowledge system, while OBE takes students as the center and pays more attention to the training links corresponding to graduation requirements.


Secondly, Professor Feng Guochen gave a speech on “Formulation of Syllabus”. Professor Feng added the formulation of training plan and emphasized the importance of curriculum ideological and political education. The report also focused on how to embody the teaching philosophy of OBE in the syllabus and how to truly be student-centered. Finally, aiming at the calculation of the achievement degree of the curriculum goals, Professor Feng showed the specific calculation.


Lastly, Professor Fan Ling gave a speech on “Teaching Design and Teaching Plan Writing”. She pointed out that the key point of teaching design was not how much knowledge the teacher taught, but what the students learned specifically, so as to evaluate whether teaching is effective or not.