School of Science Holds Opening Ceremony to Welcome Freshmen of Grade 2021

From:admin 2021-09-09

School of Science held an online opening ceremony at 13:00 September 5th to welcome this year’s new undergraduates and graduates in the Science Hall. More than 500 students are embarking on a new journey at School of Science, Beijing Jiaotong University in this academic year. School of Science Council Chairperson Wang Xuan, Dean Yu Yongguang, Deputy Council Chairperson Liu Ying, Associated Dean Liu Yuting, Associated Dean Ding Kejian, Associated Dean Peng Jiying and leaders from various departments were presented at the opening ceremony. Tang Aiwei, Deputy Council Chairperson and Associated Dean presided over the meeting. 


In her remarks, Council Chairperson Wang welcomed the new students to School of Science, to Beijing Jiaotong University. She gave a special speech on “Grasping the Historical Opportunity and Shouldering the Important Responsibility of the Times” and expressed her hope that they would inherit the feelings of home and country, closely integrate personal growth with national development, consciously take on the responsibility for family and country and take self-cultivation and morality as a compulsory course. She buttoned up the “first button” for the new students from the “three hopes”. At last, she encouraged freshmen to learn excellent majors, to cultivate excellent skills, to build excellent qualities, to practice the university motto of “Knowing and Doing”, and to seize every minute and live it to the full.


Li Jiakun, teachers’ representative and outstanding class tutor of School of Science, combing his major and his own experience, expressed humorously to the new students that they should be tolerant of others, enjoy learning and work hard on the way to study.


Li Sijia, undergraduates’ representative of Grade 2019, shared her study and life experience of “People’s Choice at School of Science”. She encouraged freshmen to dare to explore, adjust their mentality and take responsibility at School of Science. She also expressed her confidence that the new undergraduates will follow the seniors, make correct choices, gain harvest and growth, sit on the “cold bench” of scientific research, and bravely break into “no man’s land” of innovation.


Gao Shuo, new graduates’ representative, shared her mental journey from undergraduate to postgraduate around “Love Our Country, Honor Our School”. She said she was proud and ambitious because she was able to continue her academic journey and her youthful dream at School of Science, where distinguished professors and scholars gathered. She hoped all the schoolmates would work hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, strive for their dreams, achieve their future in the struggle, and write a new chapter for Beijing Jiaotong University and for School of Science.

Fan Dongrui, a distinguished researcher of Chinese Academy of Science, founder and chairman of Beijing Zhong Ke Rui Xin Technology Group, and an alumnus of Grade 1996, also shared his university growth experience and future career development at School of Science. He encouraged new students to live up to their commitments and accumulate their experience so as to open up a more challenging and promising new university life and shine brilliantly in their future career.


Zhang Dan, Director of Student Affairs Office, Yan Weiheng, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, all counselors of School of Science and all undergraduates and graduates of Grade 2021 attended the meeting.